Frequently Ask Questions


Pay365 is a smart phone based payment App (Mobile Payment Application). User would generate the QR Code and Merchant would scan the code to execute the payment.It has many interesting features including- Loyalty Program, Membership Status, Financial Management and many more.

i. It is 100% secured.
ii. All card information stored and preserved by concerned bank.
iii. Every payment is secured by PIN number and time to time RSA verification.
iv. Auto generated QR Code expires within 5 minutes.
v. If user face any security threat then account can be disabled using or dedicated support team instantly after validation.

User would get points against their expenditure. Special reward would be offered depending on user’s status and special occasion.

Pay365 is always free for users. User is never charged by Pay365 for downloading the App or for executing payment (Only cards transaction charge would be applied as per card policy by concerned Bank or Card authority as per regular card payments)

Non-Bank card users also can install the Pay365 app and enjoy “Treat 365” (reward program) but can’t process payment..

You would need to sign up in Pay365 and set up Bank Card in order to pay using Pay365.

i. Download Pay365 App from Google play store.
ii. Register with basic information like-Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Security questions, Security answers etc.
(Security Question and Answer is very important, these are required for farther identification of user)
iii. A temporary password would be sent to email.
iv. User has to Login to Pay365 with the temporary password (for first time login only) and change temporary password, user would need this new password for further login.

User can pay with same account at any Pay365 Merchant’s place.

i. Choose setting option from dashboard.dashboard.
ii. Select Change password.
iii. Input 6 digits Current password, New password and confirm password.

i. Tap Forgot Password icon just beneath Login icon at Login page.
ii. Provide username and answer security question’s answer.
iii. A temporary password would be sent to user’s mail ID.
iv. User would login with the temporary password and create new password.

i. PIN is very sensitive, so user should keep it secure. But if user forgets PIN then user has to choose setting option from dashboard and select "Reset Pin" option.
ii. By Clicking on "Reset Pin", App will ask for password of request user. iii. After successful password entry, App will ask any random security question answer from requested user (having no card info) and App re-direct user to RSA verification for registered card (having card info).
iv. After correct security question answer or successful RSA verification, App will generate reset PIN page (New PIN, Confirm New PIN).

Security Questions Answer is very sensitive, so user should keep it secure. But if user forgets Security Questions Answer then user has to inform pay365 support center. Pay365 support team would validate identity of the user and try to help you.

i. Try to Login to user’s account providing Username and Password with new device.
ii. A Pop up would ask user to activate New Device and disable Old Device, if user "Agree" than security question’s answer would be asked.
iii. User has to answer the security question then a Temporary password would be sent to users mail ID.
iv. Then user has to login with this temporary password and username.

i. Tap on “Press & Hold” Icon.
ii. Tap Scan Now icon.
iii. The QR Code goes live for 5 minutes only.
iv. Merchant would scan the QR Code and input amount.
v. A notification would be given to both merchant and user informing the payment is successful or not.

i. After registration system would ask whether user wants to set card or not (User can set his/her card or can set later)
ii. User has to input 4 digits PIN number and tap Next (PIN number is mandatory for each payment).
iii. User has to input necessary information at “Attach a Bank Card” page and tap Next.
iv. Selected Bank’s page appears and user has to input required information and tap Go.

Currently user can tag DBBL Credit card only to Pay365, but other Bank Cards would be included to Pay365 in a very short time..

Currently user can add DBBL Credit card only to Pay365, in future user would be able to add multiple Pay365 approved Bank Cards.

No, it is not possible to pay through Pay365 without setting bank card . Currently user has to set DBBL Credit card to execute payment.But paying through cash or card, you can enjoy Pay365 reward program.


Pay365 doesn't store any Bank or Card related info, All card information stored and preserved by concerned bank.

If device is lost or stolen–

Dedicated support team provides support, informing support team with required validation would disable account
Each payment requires PIN number
Payment is also secured with RSA verification

If lost with generated QR Code –

QR Code validation is only for 5 minutes

Can anyone pay with my device-

i. Each payment would require PIN number
ii. Payment is also secured with RSA verification
iii. User is requested not to disclose PIN with anyone.

What if someone know my password, PIN, Security Question and Answer-

These information are very sensitive, so user have to be very careful and not to reveal these information to anyone.

User has to request for dispute resolution by filling 'Dispute Letter' from and inform support team. Recovery would be done as per bank procedure within 21 working days from getting Dispute Letter/Mail from user.


i. User would collect points against their payment amount
ii. The more user pay through Pay365, more points would get by user and be promoted to next level.
iii.User would redeem reward from the merchants reward offered to.

User’s status is divided into 3 types-
i. Welcome
ii. Green
iii. Gold
Users reward would depend on users status, higher status would result wealthy rewards .

i. For welcome user-Nil to 299 points
ii. For Green user- 300 to 499 points
iii. For Gold user- 500 to 500+ points

A Gold/Green user would enjoy status for 6 months after earning that status (Counted from the day a user enters into a new level). A Welcome users status would not change even he/she does not qualify to next status.

i. A Green user must earn target 200 points by spending in earned status period (6 months) to promote to Gold
ii. If a Gold user earns 300 points by spending in Gold status for 4 month.
iii. If a User fails to earn target point to retain status then that user would be demoted
iv. If a Gold/Green user has not used Pay365 in 6 month period then that user would be demoted to welcome